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The foundation of Silsila-e-Azeemia (‘the Azeemia Sufi Order’) was laid in July 1960 after approval from our master, the Holy Prophet Muhammad, on whom be peace and blessings.


This order spans across both the spiritual aspects—that of jazb (‘attraction induced by Allah’) and sulook (‘personal effort to gain nearness of Allah’). The devotee is urged, in particular, to gain spiritual knowledge. The most important aspect of this order is that it is an academic order. This order does not observe the traditionally scripted roles of devotee and religious mentor, nor does it require a particular garb or appearance. It is only the keen and sincere desire to gain spirituality that keeps the seeker attached to the order. In this order the disciples are referred to as “friends.”

Instead of intensive and exhaustive religious exercises, the invocations and spiritual activities required are very easy. The focus of education is that same act of worship as was performed in the Cave of HiraMuraqabah (Meditation), that is.

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