The foundation of Silsila-Azeemia (‘the AzeIemia order’) was laid in July 1960 after approval from
our master, the Holy Prophet Muhammad, on whom be peace and blessings.
This order spans across both the spiritual aspects—that of jazb (‘attraction induced by Allah’) and
sulook (‘personal effort to gain nearness of Allah’). The devotee is urged, in particular, to gain
spiritual knowledge. The most important aspect of this order is that it is an academic order. This
order does not observe the traditionally scripted roles of devotee and religious mentor, nor does it
require a particular garb or appearance. It is only the keen and sincere desire to gain spirituality
that keeps the seeker attached to the order. In this order the disciples are referred to as “friends.”
Instead of intensive and exhaustive religious exercises, the invocations and spiritual activities
required are very easy. The focus of education is that same act of worship as was performed in the
Cave of Hira—Muraqabah (Meditation), that is.

The importance of Khanqah (Monastery) based system in the present age
In order to align [religious education] with the needs and requirements of the advanced and
conscious man of the modern age and to train human consciousness which is now imbibed with
modern scientific knowledge, a new challenge had to be faced.


The foundation of Azeemia Order

To deal with this new challenge and having identified the need of initiating an order equipped with
modern thought and concepts, one day, Murshid Kareem,(the ‘gracious mentor’) Huzoor Khwaja
Shamsuddin Azeemi (may he remain under Allah’s Shadow) requested Allah’s mystic and saint,
acquainted with secrets of the creation of the universe, Hassan Ukhra, Syed Muhammad Azeem
Berkhia, Huzoor Qalander Baba Aulia, to lay the foundation of the grand Azeemia Order. Huzoor
Qalander Baba Aulia presented this request in the audience of the pride of all creation—the Holy
Prophet Muhammad, on whom be peace and blessings. The Holy Prophet, Muhammad Mustafa—
peace and blessings of Allah be upon him—accepted this application and permitted the
establishment of the grand Azeemia Sufi Order.

Introduction of the Azeemia Order

Introducing the order, Murshid Kareem says that the present age is the age of science. Man’s
consciousness has progressed so much that he wants to see the reality of everything with wide-open eyes. Where on one hand, he is trying to reach the remotest depths of the earth; on the other
hand, he is scaling the expanse of the heavens. He is, thus, in search of the reality behind
As man has achieved success in the physical world, he desires to learn the realities of the inner or
spiritual world as well. Due to scientific progress, man’s intellect has developed so much that he
only accepts a thing when he is able to get answers as to why a thing is, how it came about, and
the purpose it serves.

Modern Scientific Age

The more progress man has made in the scientific field, the further away he has moved from
religion, and the weaker his belief has become. Man’s faith has been broken and he has become a
stranger to peace.
In search of peace, man has turned towards spirituality, but he does not want to adopt unscientific
ways to attain spirituality. In order to fill this void, there was a need for a movement that would be in
exact accordance with the requirements of the time. The grand Azeemia order has been
established for this very purpose. This order attempts to meet the modern needs. This is why,
forsaking traditional customs, modern paths have been adopted. Being aligned with modern
thought and concepts, this order is quickly gaining popularity all over the world.

The Modern Mode of Education of the Azeemia Order

The Azeemia order incorporates both paths to spirituality—that of jazb (Divine attraction) and of
sulook (personal effort). This order does not have the [Indo-Pak] custom of pseudo religious figures
exerting absolute power on their devotees. There is no particular dress code, nor is a specific
appearance required. It is the sincere desire for spirituality that keeps the seeker connected with
the Azeemia order. Its education centers around worship that was performed in Cave Hira, where
the master of both the worlds, the Holy Prophet—peace and blessings of Allah be upon him—spent
a long period of time. By offering this worship—muraqabah (meditation), that is—the devotee starts
on the path of spirituality with ease. As he proceeds further and further, doors of insight begin to
open for him. In his unconsciousness he is forever awake; his sight gains the ability to see through
curtains of secrecy. Instead of turning into a personality that is self-righteous and rigid, he turns into
a conscientious student of truth and knowledge.

As the leader of the order, Abdal-ul-Huq Qalander Baba Aulia holds the highest of ranks in shoba-
e-takveen and possesses the very high ranks of qalandriat. The qalandari aspect is fully present in

the grand Azeemia Order.

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