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Every year on August 10th, Sufi Order Azeemia centers worldwide come together to celebrate Adam Day – a celebration of Unity in Diversity. This significant occasion embodies the unity of different races, colours, and communities. Sufi Sheikh Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi, a respected Murshid (Sufi Master) of the Sufi Order of Azeemia, spearheads this event. Under his sagacious guidance, the event has been successfully held annually since 2003 in the UK (in both London and Manchester), since 2008 in Canada (specifically Mississauga), and also in the USA (in California and New York).


Adam, Peace Be upon Him, is recognized as the first human being on Earth. Through the observance of this day, we aim to convey a profound message: our distinctions in races, colours, and communities serve only as identifiers; fundamentally, we are all interconnected as one human family. This sentiment finds its roots in the Divine texts, where aligning our thought processes with the teachings of our Creator and His messengers holds the potential to bridge the gaps that separate us.

In essence, we are united.


We are united.

We are united.




In the year 2022, Adam Day was celebrated in a hybrid mode, both in person and online. Bringing people together in person after a challenging period marked by the pandemic had been a heartwarming and exciting experience. The ability to have live interactions between participants and speakers added an extra layer of engagement and connection to the event.

Adam Day 2021 Highlights

Participants Engaging in Adam Day Festivities


Statement from the
Prime Minister of Canada
Justin Trudeau
on ADAM DAY 2021

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