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Adam Day building humane society

There is One Creator of this universe who has been given different names in different languages; El in Hebrew, Allah in Arabic, Ishwar in Sanskrit and Khudawand in Persian.

This Great Creator created the whole universe and made countless species. Mankind has begun from one man (Adam) and one woman (Eve). The divine books have told us that man has been made from clay. When Allah breathed the soul into that clay model it became a living and active human being. Our Creator, Allah, God, Ishwar, has given the control of the earth to mankind.

Our Creator has told us that:

“O mankind! Indeed we have created you from one man and one woman, and made you nations and tribes so that you may know one another. Indeed the most noble of you in the sight of God is the one who is most righteous”
(The Quran)

This august gathering of Adam Day, organized by Azeemi Spiritual & Healing Centre Canada under the guidance of beloved Sufi teacher Hazrat Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi, alongside turning our attentions towards the great problems that the people of today are facing, we will look at whether or not there are any solutions to these problems.

It is clear that man is suffering from the many problems of poverty, shortage of food, hunger, illnesses, ignorance, gender discrimination, conflict and environmental problems.

Rapidly increasing poverty levels are a huge challenge for mankind. Our ancestors, Adam and Eve, must be sorrowful that a small minority of their offspring have the majority of the resources, whilst the majority of their offspring are living in poverty. As the children of Adam and Eve we should all come together and try to make sure that no person remains hungry due to poverty.

Not only in developing countries but in developed countries also, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression and other illnesses are increasing at a very rapid rate. Despite scientific advancements, the rapid spread of these illnesses is a cause for concern for all of mankind. We all need to be involved in trying to live healthier lives. Every person has a right to basic health facilities.

In Asia, Africa and other parts of the world, attaining an education has become a very difficult thing to do. Messenger of Islam, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, has said to gain knowledge from the mother’s womb to your grave, and to attain knowledge even if you have to travel to China, i.e. no matter how far you may need to travel. Most of the offspring of Adam and Eve, especially girls, face great obstacles in order to acquire knowledge. Some great people have done a lot of hard work for the accumulation of knowledge. We should praise Gordon Brown and Bill Gates for their efforts within this area.

In Pakistan, for awareness and practical services in the departments of education and health, Malala Yousafzai, Abdul Sattar Edhi, Imran Khan and many others are also praiseworthy. These efforts to improve health and education require the involvement of as many people as possible.

With regards to gender discrimination, we see that in many parts of the world women are discriminated against, they are treated differently, even though every single person is brought into this world by a woman, a mother. People also feel insecure and unsafe due to the widespread unrest and turbulent times. It is true that we cannot stop disputes from arising amongst people, but the test of mans knowledge, understanding and foresight, is how he resolves these situations. When a dispute occurs it can escalate into conflict, the result of which is violence and bloodshed, or a person can use their intelligence to find a way to resolve the conflict through justice and kindness, which can save mankind from destruction and ruin.

Alongside poverty, health problems, illiteracy, gender discrimination and lack of peace, people of today also have to face serious problems such as environmental issues. It is the responsibility of every individual to protect and preserve the natural environment of mother earth, so that it may be a pleasant environment for the future generations. We should all focus on tackling these problems together. We should join the people and organizations who are working to resolve these problems and work with them. The solution to these problems is with a united approach and united practical actions. It is pleasing that we are gathered here together despite differences in colour and race, religion and language.

Azeemia Spiritual & Healing Centre Canada is an organization is made up of people from a Sufi school of thought. It is our wish and efforts that we can work for the well-being of one other, whilst travelling on the paths to attaining cognition of our Lord and Creator, Allah.

I pray that we can all work together for the betterment and welfare of humanity, Ameen.

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