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Why initiatives like Adam Day is important for human society?

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Adam Day 10th August 2020

Dr. Waqar Yusuf Azeemi is journalist by profession, editor in chief Monthly Roohani digest (a magazine on spirituality in Urdu Language) and author of many books on Islamic knowledge.


An extremely tiny and lifeless being, also known as the Coronavirus, has greatly affected the social and economic lives of more than 7 billion people in the current highly advanced 21st century.

People are worried about how this worldwide epidemic caused by the Coronavirus can be controlled.All of the children of Adam and Eve, every man and woman, has to play their part for the prosperity and continuance of the people and animals inhabited on the earth, and for the protection and improvement of the environment. This earth was entrusted to the very first man, Adam (pbuh) and his wife Eve (pbuh).

The earth provides resources enabling the people and creatures living upon it to survive. The earth provides an abode, food and drink, all of things to fulfil the necessities of the creations. The earth is a means of providing many different resources for the creations. The earth has certain rights over the people. According to this system of rights and obligations, it is obligatory upon man to fulfil these rights and to continue making sure that arrangements are made for this. Mankind is facing many problems and difficulties including poverty, illnesses, illiteracy, the oppression of the weak by the powerful, injustice towards women by men. Now

Coronavirus has put another trial upon mankind.

It is necessary that while the children of Adam are living upon the earth, they should try to understand the will of Allah, the Lord and the Creator. Everyone should try to be a means of goodness for others.

No one has superiority over anyone else based on skin colour, ethnicity, language or wealth. All human beings have equal rights. Prophet of Islam Muhammad (pbuh) in the year 10 AH, at the time of the Hajj pilgrimage, in his final sermon said:

An Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab, and a white has superiority over a black. The only superiority in the eyes of Allah is in piety.

This event of Adam Day which has been organised by Silsila Azeemia, is to remind people that we are all the children of Adam, every single one of us must respect and protect others’ rights.

Allah has created all of the human beings and all of the creatures in the universe. Allah is the Lord and Creator of every single thing in the universe. For the pleasure of our Creator we should take care of all of the creatures and try to be a means of blessings for all.

Dr Waqar Yousuf Azeemi.

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