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Every year Azeemia Spiritual & Healing Centre Canada celebrates the arrival of the last Holy Prophet Muhammad Rasul Allah  ﷺ with rejuvenated passion, love and respect.

Oct 17 2021 | 16:00


Sufi Sheikh Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi
message on the occasion of Mawlid 

Mr. Sohail Akhter
Rashida Jilani (In Charge Azeemia Spiritual and Healing Centre Canada)  and Dr. Rabia Atif
Dr. Alex Chirila (Interim Director at Turtle Mountain Community College)
Dr. Naweed Syed (Pakistan Canadian Neuroscientist)
Mr. Tariq Ghori  (Prinicipal School of Islamic Legacy Canada)
Ayan Abbasi
Noor Gul Sohail
Jansher Saeed


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